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American Board of Orthodontics

s-braces2.jpgOnly 1 in 3 orthodontists is Board Certified.  Both doctors at Saini Orthodontics take great pride in having achieved this recognition.

American Association of Orthodontists

The world's largest organization for orthodontists.

American Dental Association

The ADA is the largest professional organization of dental professionals, and a great source of information on dental and oral health topics.


For some patients, Invisalign is an alternative way to straighten teeth without braces.  Feel free to ask if Invisalign is in your best interest.

Clarity™ Braces

Clarity Ceramic Braces may be used whenever metal braces are appropriate for treatment. While Clarity braces are strong like metal, they come off easily at the end of treatment. You can wear Clarity braces even if you participate in sports. Clarity aesthetic braces are the clear alternative to metal braces. An attractive translucent appearance and comfortable design gives you all the self-confidence you need to face each day with a smile.