Orthodontic Treatment


Orthodontic treatment is a team effort between the patient, the parents and the orthodontist. For best results, the patient is the most important player on the team. He/she must follow the instructions given by the doctor for home care, appliance wear (rubber bands, biteplate, headgear, etc.), avoid certain types of foods, and report any breakages immediately to the office.

For their part, parents are requested to keep the appointments (some during school-time hours) in a timely and on-time fashion, get supplementary procedures such as fillings, extractions, etc. done quickly, and encourage the patient to follow the given instructions.

At Saini Orthodontics, we take our role seriously. This is one reason, before committing to treatment, we want to take diagnostic records first. Then, after studying the X-rays and models (sometimes spending an hour on each case), we’ll determine what is wrong and how to fix it. Thereby, mistakes are eliminated, treatments end on-time in the vast majority of patients, and results are long-lasting.

With good teamwork, orthodontic treatment in our office is a worthy investment in your oral health and esthetics.