First Visit

First Visit (Exam & Diagnostic Records)


A visit to our office is a reflection of our vision. You will experience a modern, aesthetically pleasing environment and a warm, friendly atmosphere. A tour of the office will be given by a member of the staff, thus familiarizing you with our health care facility.

During the first visit, your comprehensive dental and medical history will be reviewed. The medical history determines whether the patient has any other physical conditions that could influence orthodontic treatment.

After the patient is seated in the exam room, one of the doctors will conduct a thorough clinical exam, checking the teeth, gums, muscles, bones and jaw joints. If treatment is indicated, the doctors will recommend orthodontic records (tests) for an in-depth analysis of the case. (For why we take records before answering the important questions, such as, “What is wrong?”, “What are we planning to do; how long will treatment last?”, “What are the costs, etc.?”, please read our Office Policies & Mission page.)

If you accept our recommendation, then the Treatment Coordinator will assist the patient into the records room where a certified staff member will take a Cone Beam CT scan and photographs before setting up the second appointment in approximately one week. Between the first and second appointments, both doctors will separately evaluate the records during non-patient hours to form a treatment plan for you or your child.

There is no cost for our initial clinical exam. There are professional fees for taking diagnostic records (ex. CT scan) once patient or parents agree.

Second Visit: (Treatment Conference)

At the second visit, the Treatment Coordinator and the doctor will explain the various treatments necessary to correct the problem, specific limitations of your case and the results to be expected. The duration and treatment fees will also be discussed at this visit.

Actual treatment is implemented when the appliances are placed or other corrective measures are taken. After that, the doctors see the patient at 6- to 12-week intervals to check and adjust the appliances.

Treatment times vary, but Drs. Saini can give you a fairly accurate estimate. Please remember: if you responsibly follow our care and cleaning instructions, you can look forward to healthy teeth and a lifetime of happy smiles!