Patient Testimonials

s-smile4.jpgDr. Raj Saini was my orthodontist in 1971 and thanks to his care, concern, and expertise it changed my look, my personality, and my life.  My smile today is as beautiful as it was 37 years ago.  Thank you!  Doreen S.

I'm very grateful for my orthodontics.  I am very happy and this treatment has had a tremendous impact in my life.  I do not feel embarrassed when I smile anymore, I feel free and my communication with others has also been better.  Marcela P., Ph.D.

After 13 years, we have three beautiful smiles.  Thank you! 
Leon Family

Thank you very much for your professional and compassionate care.  My appointment was just to receive a new upper retainer, which had broken after twelve years of use.  Everything about my visit was wonderful, from the welcoming environment to the friendly and knowledgeable staff.  I especially enjoyed the guided tour of the facility as it set the tone for the standard of care which is to be expected from your office.  Dr. Saini complimenting my childhood orthodontist's work meant a lot to me because I am so satisfied with the care that I have received from him.  I feel good knowing that you offer a quality orthodontic care center if I or anyone else in my family needs it!  Sincerely, Elizabeth S.

My earliest memories of being in the United State include this splendid office; an office with chairs and ribbons in all the colors of the rainbow.  I knew it would make me pretty if I went there.  I chose different colors on the braces every month and was able to choose from a bin full of stickers!  In a blink of an eye, I have transformed from a youngster with an overbite to a teenager with gorgeous teeth.  I was happy, so were my family and people in the office.  Part of my childhood lies with these people and I remember them every time I smile into the mirror.  Takako N.

Thank you so much for all your kind, professional treatment.  You made having braces as an "older" patient an enjoyable experience.  Thanks again!  MaryJo B.

To everyone at the BEST orthodontic office in the world!  Thank you SO much for my smile.  Everyday I look in the mirror and I feel so grateful to your office for a smile I never thought I'd have.  Macy B.

Dr. Saini - Thank you so much for the mouthguard (retainer) to protect my teeth.  I am truly grateful.  I will cherish your support forever.  My health has really declined over the last year with breathing becoming very difficult from my lungs and body weakening significantly.  Everyday, I receive physical therapy and use oxygen nightly so I am very fatigued with little sleep.  I am still trying to graduate in May.  After that I will go to a rehabilitation center to improve before my health progressively gets worse.  I am truly grateful.  Without wonderful people like you, I would never have come so far in life.  Thank you so much.  Kavita K.

I had known for years that I needed to have (orthognathic) surgery done on my jaw but I knew I would have to go through another round of orthodontics first.  I had a malocclusion and had been to a few other orthodontists for consultation but after meeting with Dr. Saini, I felt comfortable enough to proceed.  I remember my consultation follow up visit when he told me I was one of the most challenging cases he had ever seen!  He gave me step by step details for each phase before we started and his timelines were to a "T" (am extremely important factor in my case!).  Not only did he do an outstanding job, he went above and beyond and helped me with all the paperwork for my insurance company...TWICE!  I would recommend him to anyone.  Both Dr. Raj and Dr. Ty are amazing, as well as all their staff!  Everyone was so kind and helpful and it made my experience that much better!  Thank you, Dr. Saini, for giving me an even better smile than I could ever imagine!  Kylie D.